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Blackjack Science is offering two Instructional DVDs starring Semyon Dukach, based on actual seminar footage. The first DVD focuses on card counting and betting techniques used by each of two MIT blackjack teams, and the few other pros who have managed to beat the casinos.

Real MIT Blackjack Team - 21 Movie True Story - History vs. Hollywood Meet the real MIT Blackjack Team and learn the 21 movie's true story. ... Shortly after SI was terminated, one of its former players, Semyon Dukach, created his ... Semyon Dukach, SM '93 - MIT Technology Review Jan 2, 2013 ... Semyon Dukach spent part of the 1990s as a member of the famed MIT blackjack teams, playing with the original Strategic Investments team ... From Cardshark to Angel: Semyon Dukach - Forbes Aug 14, 2014 ... There was a time when Semyon Dukach was more interested in ... of the MIT blackjack team—a group of brainiac card-counters that traveled to ...

Semyon Dukach. When the team split, Semyon Dukach led one half of it that was known as The Amphibians. A Russian immigrant, he studied Computer Science at Columbia before earning an MS in the same subject at MIT. He joined the team in 1992 and then split off with numerous other players to form The Amphibians when Strategic Investments dissolved.

Semyon Dukach – FutureHack! Semyon is an Angel Investor and Managing Partner at One Way Venture, a venture fund for immigrants, by immigrants. He is also Managing Director of Techstars, a mentorship driven accelerator fund. graduate of MIT and was a member of the MIT blackjack team—a group of brainiac... MIT Blackjack Team - Rules and strategy of card games

Read our exclusive 1 on 1 interview with MIT Card Counting team member Semyon Dukach. Read about all of his gambling exploits, stories and current projects

Semyon talks about Basic Strategy, teaches card counting techniques, instructs on increasing your advantage over the casinos, varying your bet, long-term planning, and gives many other tips on playing blackjack and winning. It's a great video for beginners as well as for more advanced players...

When Semyon Dukach was a student at MIT, he ran the best-performing Blackjack team the school has ever had. On a typical weekend, Dukach and his team of 60 students could win up to $150,000 by using a legal, card-counting system they created at MIT.

While attending MIT, Dukach was trained as a player on the MIT Blackjack team whose exploits were loosely depicted in the Hollywood movie 21. Starting out with Strategic Investments (SI) in 1992, Dukach was a major player on the team. Semyon Dukach is Managing Director of Techstars Boston ...