Senate inquiry into gambling advertising

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Senate Inquiry into Backpage’s Content Moderation Practices… Ferrer challenged the subpoena on First Amendment grounds, arguing that the subpoena intrudes into the website’s editorial decisionmaking and that the Subcommittee had failed to justify the need for this intrusion. The district court, however, ruled that the burden of proof rested on Ferrer to show... Senate launches inquiry into allegations of slanted… After the story broke of possible rigging in Facebook’s Trending Topics — certain news content being purposely swept under the rug in favor of promoting content with a different viewpoint — Facebook has gotten itself into more hot water. Gambling ads: place your bets - AdNews

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Jun 1, 2013 ... Proposed action to address concerns over gambling advertising . ..... In October 2010 the Senate referred to the committee an inquiry into. The increasing harm from advertising and promotion of gambling in sport

THE Greens will today push for a Senate inquiry into gambling and sport, ... Senator Di Natale said the inquiry should look at advertising and promotion of ...

5 revealing responses from Kavanaugh's written answers to senators Sep 13, 2018 ... For one thing, he says he doesn't have gambling debts. ... Inquiries about this issue, along with others regarding Kavanaugh's ... Here are five things we learned from Kavanaugh's written answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee. .... Vox Media Advertise with us Jobs @ Vox Media © 2019 Vox Media, Inc. Sports bettors' responses to sports-embedded gambling promotions ...

On 13 October 2016, as part of its broader inquiry into non-conforming building products, the committee adopted additional terms of reference regarding the unlawful importation of products containing asbestos, and their impact on the health and safety of the Australian community.

Sports betting and advertising - Community concerns and… The Inquiry into the Advertising and Promotion of Gambling Services in Sport (JSCGR, 2013) recommended: legislation if industry doesFollowing community concerns raised in these inquiries, Australian government pressure led to amendments to broadcast advertising codes from August... Tighter restrictions placed on gambling advertising Gambling operators that breach UK advertising rules are liable to be found in breach of their operating licence conditions by the regulator of gamblingRichard Watson, Gambling Commission programme director, said: "This fine should serve a warning to all gambling businesses that we will not hesitate to... Italian Senate approves gambling advertising ban | iGaming…